Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An indication of a larger problem...

Postal Service Says Saturday Delivery Will Continue Because Of Budget Provision - Forbes

Many of you (I hope) are aware that the US Postal Service ("USPS") was going to discontinue deliveries on Saturday to help shore up its budget shortfall. 

Some people were very upset about this.  I was happy about it.  I was impressed to see someone in government (or quasi government) making a tough choice based on fiscal reality.

As it turns out, the masters of fiscal irrationality, Congress, decided to put an end to my happiness.  Apparently, Congress decreed that USPS must continue to deliver six days a week. 

Amazing! How could come I didn't think of that? That will fix everything! If we just force it, without regard to paying for it, the problem will just be fixed. 

So much for my dreams of a sober and reality based government.  If Congress is unwilling to let the USPS save $2b a year by cutting a service that isn't a huge deal, how can we expect them to balance our country's budget?

I assure you, whether we balance the budget through taxes, cuts, or both (hopefully) it will require the slaughter of cows much more sacred than mail on Saturdays.